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Welcome to Omanmed

Established in 2008 ,Oman Medical Supplies and Services Co LLC is a leading distributor for all kinds of Medical and Laboratory items in Sultanate of Oman. We conduct business through the expertise of our dedicated, hardworking and highly qualified professionals.

Through the good vision of our Chairman Mr. Khalid Mohammed Said Al Hasani the company has gained a good reputation in the healthcare industry .With an aim of “EXCELLENCE In Service, Support & Sales” we are serving the Medical Healthcare Community by providing equipments, devices & technology that best fits a specific client’s needs in a prompt & price conscious manner.

Oman Medical Supplies and Services Co LLC. supplies Government & private hospitals, Healthcare centers, Clinics, Municipalities, Defense forces, Police, Oil Companies, Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Food manufactures, Academic & Agricultural institutions, esearch centers and private laboratories.

Our services include Supply of all kind of Medical and Laboratory Equipments , furniture, consumables and / disposables for Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Institutions and research laboratories . We also service equipments of all types related to Medical and Laboratory field . We offer solutions for variety of requirements by our clients in need of exclusive spares and accessories for better utility of the medical equipments and instruments.

Our wide range of products consist of top-quality (from ISO / TUV Certified Company / CE marked / FDA approved) items from international manufacturers, and comprises of branded products.

We are able to provide a vast range of products which are from well known brands & leading manufacturers. Our product range covers the following sections: Anesthesia & ICU, Emergency Department, Cardiac Surgery, Cath Lab,Laparoscopy, endoscopy, Dermatology, Laboratory- Research and diagnostics, Radiology, Nursing, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy & Surgery.

Chairman’s Message

Dear Customers ,Investors and Friends, 

The company was incorporated with an ardent vision of “WORKING TOWARDS EXCELLENCE”.

Oman Medical Supplies & Services CO.LLC is an organization that combines  technical ,financial, managerial and operational skills and resources to make it a competitive company with emphasis on efficiency in operations, reliability for customers.

Our intention has been to provide high-quality products and services to its customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our driving force is  the support of our customers, though which ,we have been able to achieve growth in our global business. On behalf of all Oman Medical Supplies’ family, I want to thank our many loyal customers for their ongoing trust and support.

The focus at our firm  remains to strengthen our partnership with our global customers so we can help our customers achieve their strategic goals – to find and bring to market new life-saving and life-enhancing products more quickly and cost effectively.

Thank you.
Best regards,

Khalid Al Hasni

General Manager’s Message

Oman Medical Supplies & Services CO.LLC remains determined in achieving leadership in fields that we enter into and to be known as a premier business group committed to grow with  the changing face of time. We have a solid record of developing and maximizing new marketing strategies, and we have demonstrated our operational efficiency by supplying healthcare products  to the governmental and non governmental institutions.

We have faith in our mission, values, ethics and very hard work to attain higher productivity, diversification and growth in areas beneficial to all and our motto is self-reliance for Company, Community and Country.

With a  strong build up of financial assets our company infrastructure and client bases are firm  so as to assure a flawless connection into other operations which includes sales and marketing, product development, its operations.

We Motivate and encourage our staff for creation of recognition and incentive programs, with constant communication.

While continuing ending quest for excellence, our all trading services is set up with products and technologies from globally renowned suppliers

Thank you.
Best regards,

Bethel Thomas


Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be known as the leading distributor in the Sultanate of Oman that provides safe and state-of- the-art healthcare solutions that are designed fit patient needs and achieve the professional needs of the care givers in Oman.

We have the capacity to meet the challenges of the advances healthcare industry . With the highest standards of products we deliver quality to our clients and we look forward to expand beyond our frontiers.

Our Mission

  • To deliver the highest quality service to our customers, through setting the highest standards in the region in product delivery & satisfaction
  • Providing innovative solutions and high quality products backed with comprehensive cost effective services to our cleints
  • Maximizing opportunities and resources, to overcome market challenges
  • Providing excellent presales and after sales support to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction.