Calibration by an independent organization is an important part of quality assurance program in any healthcare facility. It is important to know that your equipment is actually within the allowed specifications. Operators must have the confidence in knowing that their equipment was calibrated by an independent organization and is traceable.

Having extensive experience in the calibration of medical equipment, our engineers offer the highest in quality services. You can be confident that we conform to the highest of quality assurance. All calibrations and repairs are performed by qualified Biomedical Engineers and conform to the manufacturer, MOH standards.

All calibrations are accompanied with a traceable Calibration Certificates and Calibration Report with tests performed. All calibrations are performed at site and in our calibration lab to ensure stability and continuity of the test equipment used in calibration process. Repairs are on an “as needed” basis, with quotes given before the work is started.

  • Included in Calibration Service
  • Full calibration to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Minor repairs if any
  • Internal and External inspection
  • Performance and operational check
  • Electrical Safety Check
  • PPM as per MOH requirement.

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